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These are the stone sculptures of Maurizio Becherini (1859-1932). In 1918, Becherini decided to isolate himself and live like a hermit in the forest of Forra, near his native village of Gambassi. While living there, he sculpts the stones of his surroundings, he embellishes his sleeping cave with statues; some self-made, some acquired. After his death, some of his work was stolen, while others were damaged by nature; by roaring weather and the unforgiving forest. Today, only a few traces remain, which are all destined to disappear. I don’t think Becherini would have wanted it any other way.

(Source: mundus-absconditus)


Balinese ritual dance manifestation. The demonic figure is known as Rangda; the evil queen, the child-eater, the leader of the witches, which battle against the forces of goodness, called Barong. Exploring a fundamentally archetypal mythological and religo-cultural concept, the Barong dance represent this ancient mythological struggle between the forces of good and evil.

(Source: mundus-absconditus, via latticelight)